Fiber Optic Network Documentation and Management Software for Providers

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Organize your ISP. Reduce costs. Increase productivity.
Discover the best solution for documenting fiber optic networks.

Online Network Creation and Control

Always accessible, with backups, access controls and ease of sharing information.

Georeferenced System

In OZmap everything is georeferenced. From the commercial viability process, going through all the posts, boxes, connectors until reaching the POP. You know exactly where everything is, without the need for any prior registration.

Intuitive System and Graphical Interface

We built an intuitive system, based on a mixture of common sense and experience. With guidelines that need to be present in every discussion about the product.


Hierarchical structure between Backbone and access networks. Allows you to browse the entire network quickly and objectively. It also allows you to control which networks each team can have access to.

OZmap Family

System integrated with OZmap to help sellers know whether or not it is possible to install a new client in a certain location.

O OZmob is the OZMap extension on your mobile. With it you can add posts, customers, check the inside of your boxes in the palm of your hand.

App for collecting georeferenced elements. Specially developed to assist providers in new networks and mapping of pre-existing networks.

Ease of locating! Send messages asking for the customer's location and FindMe transfers the information to Loki.


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"With the beginning of the project, we verified that we could go much further and started mapping from the edge (CTO's and customers). With that, we reduced 50% of all our unproductive displacements just eliminating the activations that we tried and we didn't have a “door” available on site ."
Giovani Cusinato
D1 Telecom
"OZmap attracted our attention for the differential of not only geo-locating infrastructure items, but applying intelligence to the information."
Tiago Waldow
Telecom Option
"Two words that would sum up OZMap perfectly for us would be: complete and indispensable."
Lucas Montanheiro
Said! Telecom
"Among other systems on the market, we chose OZmap, because right away we could see that the system is intelligent, delivering many functions with graphical and interactive visualization."
Ricardo Röhsig
Telecom Option
"As for the system support, they are always willing and agile to assist us. It is one of the best systems providers I've ever had the pleasure to work with."
Aline T. Velloso
Guaíba Tecnologia
"I'm super satisfied with the system, easy, practical. Everything I need is at hand."
Bruno Perosso Maiberg
Cia do Micro
"The tool is very practical, intuitive and easy to use. I am very satisfied."
Martin Mello
Smart6 Internet Technology


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Provide the most efficient and intuitive way to map and manage georeferenced assets.


To be a reference in smart georeferencing at a national and international level.


We work with innovation, cooperation and commitment, believing in the transparency of communication and valuing people to build lasting bonds.