An example of how technology will take providers further

Since the beginning of the conception of what is now the Marketing and Sales Platform, we have had the opportunity to reach several concrete conclusions with Internet Providers, customers or prospects who have always helped us, about the main prerequisites for develop a robust marketing and sales solution that meets the specific needs that only ISPs have.

The first of them, an issue known to any company or provider that needs to develop an online or offline commercial solution to sell internet plans: checking the availability of FTTH ports at the address of the interested consumer, at the time of sale.

Can you imagine if this worry just ended?

Or if, in the case of several owners, directors and managers who still haven't stopped to think and calculate: what is the cost generated each time an attendant or salesperson needs to confirm the technical availability at the interested customer's installation site? And how much does the failure or delay in this process cost?

Anyway, the intention of this article is to bring good news for ISPs that follows below, but we always leave a pinch of reflections and analysis here on the blog 🙂

Understand in 3 minutes how to save time with each new sale, without human error:

You can eliminate the need for FTTH availability checking in your business operation!

It's integrations between systems and partnerships like the one shown in the video that will make a portion of the Providers go further, because one of the secrets of the most competitive ISPs and operators in Brazil (and in the world) is to invest in innovation, and in what the market needs from and OZmap to contribute to this issue: we are available!

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