OZmap Tip – Heat Map

#DicasOZmap | Heat Map To help you better understand the points where it is recommended to expand your network, OZmap brings the Heat Map tool, which allows you to know the points where sales attempts were not completed, understand where your potential customers are and where your network […]

OZmap Tips – Measurement Tools

#DicasOZmap | Measurement tools There are two ways to measure distances between points here in OZmap, but do you know what they are? In this tip we will know a little more about the tools, what are their differences and how to use them. First of all, let’s get to know the metrics tool, a resource that allows you to calculate the distance from […]

OZmap Tips – Box Template

#DicasOZmap | Box Template The templates are pre-established designs of the inside of the box, it is possible to create several specific templates for each type of box on your system, this will optimize the process of creating your network saving some time and standardizing the elements inside the box editor. First, let's get to know a little more [...]

OZmap Tips – How to change cashier client

#DicasOZmap | How to change a cashier client This tip will show you in a very objective way, how to change a cashier client for OZmap, OZmob and Loki. So, take a look at the step-by-step: Let’s use the following image as an example: Assuming that the client should have been connected to the CTO – 59 instead […]

OZmap Tips – Customers on OZmob

#DicasOZmap | Clients in OZmob Because it is an application intended for consulting the information present in OZmap, OZmob allows for making only a few changes to the elements, including creating, deploying, deleting and changing client ports. Let's address a scenario where your field technician needs to […]

OZmap Tips – What Loki Considers Viability

#DicasOZmap | What Loki considers in viability In both pole viability mode and radius viability mode, Loki has criteria to show which crates are available for sale, do you know what they are? The main adjustments regarding the Loki feasibility criteria are performed through the Project Settings […]

OZmap Tips – Lighting in Reports

#DicasOZmap | Lighting in reports The area report can be a very useful tool in your daily life, allowing you to collect data from specific regions of your projects and perform batch changes, but there are ways to use it that make your work even easier . Through the lighting tool, you can […]

OZmap Tips – Interpreting the Dashboard

#DicasOZmap | Interpreting the Dashboard If you've ever had trouble understanding the information on the dashboard graphs, this tip was made especially for you! As we will be working with the interpretation of the dashboard, we suggest that you already know the rest of its tools better, so if you do not yet have mastery of the subject, just click […]

OZmap Tips – Import with Images

#DicasOZmap | Importing with images Importing is the process that allows you to bring your externally documented elements into OZmap, replicating their attributes, but did you know that images can also accompany the elements in this import? Within our system, images are created and stored through a resource we call […]

OZmap Tips – Power part 2: Attenuation

#DicasOZmap | Power part 2: Attenuation In the second part of the series on “Power”, we will learn how to configure the attenuation of each of your equipment. Attenuation represents the measure of signal loss that occurs progressively as the distance traveled or even with other factors, such as curvatures, mergers, among others. Considering […]