Neutral Networks: the most promising business model for ISPs

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Redes Neutras: o modelo de negócios mais promissor para telecomunicações A rede neutra está em evidência no mercado de telecomunicações. Trata-se do compartilhamento de infraestrutura entre diversos provedores e operadoras, geralmente em fibra óptica.  O compartilhamento de infraestrutura em si não é uma novidade no mercado, mas com as redes neutras o que se compartilha […]

What Investors Look for in an ISP?

What do investors look for in an ISP? Have you ever thought about selling your provider? During 2021, mergers and acquisitions in the telecommunications sector hit a record. Such growth has aroused the interest of several investors in the segment, especially with a focus on internet providers. But what buyers and investors […]

OZmap and the Internet Service Provider M&E Process

OZmap and the Internet Service Provider M&A Process Our market is undergoing a strong and accelerated consolidation process. That is, it means companies joining together in groups and groups acquiring companies. During the providers’ M&A process, more than acquiring a customer portfolio, these negotiations often involve […]

An example of how technology will take providers further

An example of how technology will take providers further Since the beginning of the conception of what is now the Marketing and Sales Platform, we have had the opportunity to reach several concrete conclusions with Internet Providers, customers or prospects. who always helped us, about the main prerequisites for […]

Neutral Telecommunications Infrastructure Networks: advantages and challenges​

Neutral Telecommunications Infrastructure Networks: Advantages and Challenges The neutral network has been in evidence in the telecommunications market for some time now. It is the sharing of infrastructure between several providers or operators, usually in optical fiber. Infrastructure sharing itself is not new to the market, but with neutral networks what […]

Backbone Benefits for Growing ISPs

What you need to know about backbone for fiber optic networks What does the backbone do? Backbone is the “backbone” of the internet. The term is used to define the infrastructure that enables the exchange of information between servers over long distances. It controls the central wiring scheme of a more comprehensive system with […]

How to be more competitive in the ISP market?

Where to invest to have a competitive provider? Opportunities in the ISP sector have been growing at a rapid pace since 2020. Regional providers gained millions of new accesses in the last year alone, and already represent a good part of the fixed internet market in the country. To maintain consistent growth and become more competitive […]

Network Inventory: how important is it to your provider?

What You Need to Know About Network Inventory Having a well-documented inventory of networks becomes increasingly necessary for the ISP. It is an essential measure for those who want to grow and remain competitive. raise funds, or carry out a merger or sale of the operation in the future. To follow the evolution of access […]

Data Management: Understand the Importance

Data Management and the Internet Provider Analyzing data and transforming it into information is increasingly necessary for a company to stand out. And since it's so valuable for your decision-making and business growth, secure processing and storage is critical. This is where managing […]

6 Advantages of Implementing Optical Fiber in your Internet Service Provider

Find out how investing in fiber optics can help your ISP Every provider wants to provide fast, stable and reliable connections for their customers. Therefore, in the medium and long term, the investment in optical fiber is the best cost-benefit for internet companies. Fiber optic technology offers much more speed, security and […]