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Experiences with OZmap

I was resistant at first to use the tool, I was used to what I already had, but I learned to use it and today I can clearly see the difference. The tool is very practical, intuitive and easy to use, I am very satisfied.
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Martin Mello
Smart6 Internet Technology
OZmap attracted our attention for the differential of not only geo-locating infrastructure items, but applying intelligence to the information. With this solution, devOZ met our need to intelligently map and manage the company's FTTH network, which was already implemented and provided us with all the tools to design our expansions.
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Tiago Waldow
Telecom Option
Everything is running fine with the use of the system, working perfectly. I am super satisfied with the system, easy, practical. Everything you need is at hand.
Bruno Perosso Maiberg
Cia do Micro
OZmap has a spectacular team, very attentive, always ready to understand the needs and improvements that the day to day needs. Among other systems on the market, we chose OZmap, because right away we can see that the system is intelligent, delivering many functions with graphical and interactive visualization, where the vast majority on the market only deliver table mode. In addition, we sought a system that facilitated and reduced the amount of repetitive service to reduce the chance of error in the insertion of customers and in the mapping of the network, trying to automate some processes. A very complete system, we really have all the information on the network, from SITES to the end customer, making it easy to cross-reference information and monitor the production of personnel.
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Ricardo Röhsig
Telecom Option
I would like to describe my experience with OZMap, where I am having the opportunity to computerize the documentation of the Guaíba Tecnologia network, streamlining the equipment inventory. Guaíba Tecnologia already used ERP Voalle (Synsuite) and OZMap allowed the integration and agility in our processes, from the technical feasibility consultation, the door reservation in the sales process, the confirmation of active door for the customer, the and port capacity in our ERP. Consolidating all necessary information into a single system. Another point that I noticed was the reduction of time and cost, for example: field technicians started to consult the exact location of a CTO in which they have to do some maintenance or customer installation through OZMap effectively. Some functionalities such as importing data (clients, poles, cto's, etc) through a .csv file facilitated and speeded up the implementation and integration of the system and whenever it is necessary to carry out a load, the process is extremely simple. As for system support, they are always willing and agile to assist us, DEVOZ is one of the best systems providers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
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Aline T. Velloso
Guaíba Tecnologia
We turned to OZmap with the idea of mapping all our splice boxes, as we felt that the lack of this management (merger plans) was causing our team to waste a lot of time on projects (network expansions) and plant maintenance was getting " complicated". With the beginning of the project, we verified that we could go much further and started the mapping from the edge (CTO's and customers), with that we reduced 50% of all our unproductive displacements just eliminating the activations that we tried and we didn't have a “door” available on site. Today we use viability very actively and we already have a detailed heat map that guides where we should grow our network (based on requests / viability made in Loki). The location tool via WhatsApp is fantastic for locating customers in the countryside and today with 70% of the entire network mapped, we are looking forward to the day when we will send an SMS/WhatsApp in case of a cable break, avoiding huge inconveniences in our CallCenter.
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Giovani Cusinato
D1 Telecom
Two words that would perfectly sum up OZMap for us would be: complete and indispensable. On a day-to-day basis, it meets all our demand; and over time, it develops with great prudence, bringing new functionalities that facilitate even more the documentation of the network. In the beginning, after a lot of research on the platforms we had available on the market, we saw it as the best of them and we opted for the partnership. Today, looking at everything that has been built and for all the times we need help, we are happy that we made the right decision. Thank you very much and congratulations to the whole team for the usual excellence and care!
soon spoke telecom
Lucas Montanheiro
Said! Telecom