Georeferencing a point means giving it a unique position on the Earth's surface.

It doesn't matter if this point represents a building in a big city, with street, number, neighborhood and zip code registered, or a lone pole in the middle of a field.

If a pole is at a georeferenced point in a system and a corner is at the same point on a map, when drawing both at the same time we see the pole at the corner. 

It is very simple to have this relationship through coordinates, and not address registration, with the advantages of overlaying the network design on any map, satellite image or any other.

It also allows for precise and advanced calculation operations. In short, it allows you to develop very powerful and practical solutions.


-7.53583,-73.99056 today it is the most western point of Brazil. There is nothing but closed forest. A city can be built there, with streets, houses. 

The border of Brazil can change and this location becomes the territory of another country. But, -7.53583, -73.99056 will always be -7.53583, -73.99056. 

Therefore, you will always know the exact point of your network.

In OZmap everything is georeferenced. From the commercial viability process, going through all the posts, boxes, connectors until reaching the POP. You know exactly where everything is without the need for any prior registration.

How mobile app. it is also possible to combine the system's georeferenced information with the current location (GPS). That way, you know exactly what's in the box that's on top of the pole right in front of you.