#DicasOZmap | heat map

To help you better understand the points where it is recommended to expand your network, OZmap brings the Heat Map tool, which allows you to know the points where sales attempts were not completed, understand where your potential customers are and where your network can grow.

The whole process starts in Loki, OZmap's sales feature that allows you to check whether or not there is a possibility of making a sale to a new customer at a certain point, either from their address or coordinates. To determine whether or not there is viability for sale, Loki will use some criteria, you can click here to meet them all. If you have any questions about its use, click here.

At all times when trying to make a feasibility, OZmap records this information on the heat map, marking on the map the places where there was an interest in making a sale. Even single clicks on the map, without necessarily searching for a place, are considered viability, so they will generate a hot spot. As the example below shows:

It is important to remember that the map will not be marked in cases where the sale is completed and the customer is created in OZmap, or when feasibility is denied for other reasons, such as cases where a box appears for sending an email to engineering.

The closer to the red color, the more sales were not made in a given area. And so you get a great parameter to take into account when choosing which direction it is interesting to expand your network's service capacity in the future.

To access the heat map of your network, simply access the map tools menu and click on the second icon, as shown in the image below.

Next, it is necessary to choose the period for recording denied viability, as shown in the figure:

By default, it will be set to 1 year from the current date, but you can view more or less time.

And so the heatmap will be properly visualized in your OZmap!

If you want to know more about OZMap, check out the tutorials on our channel!