Where to invest to have a competitive provider?

Opportunities in the ISP sector have been growing at a rapid pace since 2020. Regional providers gained millions of new accesses in the last year alone, and already represent a good part of the fixed internet market in the country. To maintain consistent growth and become more competitive in the operation, it is important for providers to have strategy and good management. 

There's no need to put pressure on cash to accelerate growth. In terms of software and management, there are two factors that can make a huge difference to your internet provider: using information well and understanding the company's processes.

There is a lot of information inside the provider

But without data organization and analysis, this is underutilized.

Taking good care of the information you have is critical to the success of any company. And with the internet provider it is no different.

To cite a practical example, we can talk about sales, more specifically the part of CRM in ISPs. It is common for the provider who receives a call from a potential customer, knows his name, location, what he wants, and when he discovers that he cannot answer in that location, he does not save that data. Two months later, the provider expands its network and could make contact again to serve that customer, obtaining an extremely cheap sale. However, due to lack of organization, he may end up hiring a sales team to go door to door for data that was already in his hands.

Reusing and knowing how to take care of this type of information is a great differential. 

Understand processes and automate

Another key point is to understand well the processes that occur within the company, and once understood, to automate. BIs also serve to improve management between all the systems used.

The future of many companies, including within the telecommunications market, is integration, and investing in this sector can also add a lot to the growth of the internet provider. There are several good tools on the market, most of which work with each other via APIs, and it is not necessary for the provider to develop everything internally. For example, a solution may appear that allows you to make sales directly through your website, and you would like it to work together with a specific ERP or CRM. It doesn't make sense to hire someone to develop something close, after all the more than 10 thousand internet providers in the country have similar problems, and a specialized partner will deliver more efficient and economical results. Maintaining an integration sector to ensure a good understanding of the processes and their functioning makes much more sense. And it allows, in addition to automating, scalability as the ISP grows.

So: reuse this kind of thing, take good care of the information, create BIs with all the systems you have to improve management, this is how to gain competitiveness without spending lots of money.

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