Extend the capacity of your optical network without losing quality

In 2019, we saw an unprecedented growth in the percentage of Brazilian households with internet access, as well as in the presence of regional providers in the market. According to data from Anatel, 83% of new internet accesses are connected to these providers, which already exceed the large operators in terms of the number of fiber optic connections made by customers, garnering 56,25% from the market. This represents considerable changes for the industry.

The internet is already a priority in the lives of Brazilians. Consumer habits are changing, and it's important to be aware of what that means. Brazil is a continental country and this dimension of territory still cannot be fully met by large operators. This creates space for the growth of local entrepreneurship and opportunities ranging from home access, to rural internet implementation and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

However, to take advantage of the chances, preparation is necessary. Without meeting the basic demands of a good fiber network implementation, it will not be possible to move forward to what the market technologies promise in 2020.

It's time to move on

Some initial practices can help prepare for business growth. Always study the market and keep an eye on the competition; to adapt to the legal requirements so that the company works in the best way and safely; invest in a management system to offer quality and stability to customers, and in training to manage this data; service standardization; and expansion goals, which require adequate financial management, marketing strategies and a consistent structure to do so.

All of this collaborates at different stages of the business so that the provider can expand the capacity of its optical network with quality. However, we will focus here on how to ensure that at the time of expansion there is the necessary planning to not compromise the quality of services.

Management is the key

It is important not to confuse the accelerating expansion of internet access in Brazil with quality and satisfaction with the services available. It's no use having a wide network if you don't guarantee a stable signal, without interruptions and slowness for the customer. And the more the demand for networks that support technologies such as ultra definition, IoT, artificial intelligence systems, etc. Failure to plan can jeopardize not only the permanence of customers, but of the company itself in the current market.

Firstly, having a well done and structured network design from the beginning is critical for the regional provider. It anticipates the existence of errors, keeps complete information on all connections and optical splices organized, optimizes the capacity of network assets, manages to manage assets and liabilities, better understands the provider's service area, which results in customer satisfaction , and facilitates network maintenance and expansion.

Whether to structure your network project, or to manage and map the network from the beginning, count on efficient and up-to-date software. The level of detail available and the means of storing information about your fiber optic network are factors that should always be taken into account. Online storage ensures that everything is always accessible, with instantly and geographically distributed backups that are easy to use, with access controls and ease of sharing information. That's where everything important to the business is going, and that's no different with ISPs. Considering the context of evolution of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, increasingly inserted in the aid of day-to-day decisions, having software capable of responding and communicating with other systems is to be prepared. More than that, it's understanding that it becomes just a matter of time. When thinking about expanding and expanding the capacity of your optical network with quality, organizing it by a suitable storage medium is inevitable.

An efficiently mapped network and well-documented processes from the start is a determining factor for your provider to stand out and grow even more in 2020. To seize opportunities, you need to be ready for them. Discover OZmap's solution for optical network mapping and management and get started now!