How does the use of a management tool relate to provider maturity?

The use of a management tool ends up exposing the maturity level of the provider's management itself. But it is important to understand that there is no relationship between size or growth rate and maturity.

There are cases where the operation is already mature, regardless of the size of the operation or the chosen tool. Some providers manage to reach reasonable sizes with very manual tools, thanks to discipline and maturity in management. In a case like this, the tool serves to enhance these characteristics.

There are also cases in which there is awareness of the need to advance in maturity, where the tool fits as a good guide or stimulus for that. And, of course, there are situations where there is no maturity or real intention to develop this trait. In this scenario, the tool won't do any miracles and is certainly an unnecessary cost.

Even so, in all cases it is interesting to note how, when having a good network mapping and the possibility of integration with other systems, several questions arise about what was considered the ideal process. In the end, this is perhaps the biggest gain for a provider: being able to improve their processes by having a clearer understanding of what is happening.

And those who can measure their results well are certainly already looking for increased efficiency: doing more with less.

Controlling the network is essential. Therefore, seeking a solution that maintains a high level of detail with a secure, georeferenced and linked storage medium is the best way for the provider that seeks to mature and optimize its processes.