Mergers, Acquisitions and ISPs

In 2019, the trend of acquisitions and mergers within the ISP segment was remarkable. Regional providers have consolidated their market share and gained great prominence in the last year, attracting 56,25% of connections according to data from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

In this context, the acquisition strategy for growth is the path chosen by many companies. And everything indicates that this will continue in 2020, as an alternative capable of strengthening the merged companies and preparing them for a scenario of concentration that may come.

One of the factors sought by groups in regional providers to carry out the process is the <b>structuring and development</b> from the company. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the better your network management is organized, with mapping and control from the beginning through a reliable tool, the greater the chance of having an attractive provider for future merger and acquisition operations. In addition, it will facilitate the success of the incorporation process, with security for all parties involved.

OZmap has accompanied companies in similar acquisition and merger processes, and we are poised to be successful. We have a team ready to handle larger scale import operations and help your provider stay organized for network growth.