Neutral Networks: the most promising business model for telecommunications

The neutral network is in evidence in the telecommunications market. It is the sharing of infrastructure between several providers and operators, usually in optical fiber. 

Infrastructure sharing itself is not new to the market, but with neutral networks what is shared is the network segment that reaches the user.

This allows optimizing investments and increasing the competitiveness of telecom services in the country, as internet providers can rent the capacity of this network and cover entire cities without the need to invest in their own network.

How does a neutral network work?

The central idea is that a neutral operator can enable companies to use the same network infrastructure. Providers can lease the capacity of this neutral network and act free of charge by building their own infrastructure.

But implementing a neutral network is not just a business for large operators. A provider that has a built-in network and available ports can also become a neutral operator. Thus, it is possible to exploit idle resources and obtain a faster return on investment.

And what are the advantages of Neutral Networks?

The main advantages of the model would be:

  • Resource optimization for operators and partner providers;
  • Greater ease and agility in the expansion of fiber optic networks;
  • And consequently, a great advance in the area of telecommunications in the country.

The application of neutral networks also solves issues such as the occupation of poles, a problem that is increasingly worsening with the growth of networks in Brazil.

A solution for those who want to invest in Neutral Networks

One of the biggest challenges in building, designing and managing a neutral network model is finding the right partnerships and neutrality in the information that surrounds each business. The ISP market is becoming more and more professional, and we at DevOZ are prepared to serve your provider and unite in this regard.

We have a new solution with the ability to work with the demands that neutral networks bring. OZneutral offers a simplified door lease managements, and information isolation to ensure neutrality. Ensuring security, intelligence and neutrality throughout the process between operator and partner.

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