What You Need to Know About Network Inventory

Having a well-documented inventory of networks becomes increasingly necessary for the ISP. It is an essential measure for those who want to grow and remain competitive. raise funds, or carry out a merger or sale of the operation in the future.

To keep up with the evolution of internet access over the next few years, ISPs need to be able to efficiently manage network assets and capacity. The networks will grow more and more in number of elements, and without a good inventory it will be difficult to support the expansion.

Why do a network inventory?

The inventory keeps a record of software, hardware and other services that make up the network. Through it, it is possible to follow the usage behavior and other factors that affect the functioning of the infrastructure as a whole. Within the operations sectors, it is necessary to maintain knowledge about applications, infrastructure, systems, servers and other items, responsible for ensuring that the network and its technologies support point-to-point deliveries. This attribute is also essential in areas such as provisioning, assisting with installation, configuration and testing records; in fault maintenance; and in performance management, analysis and control.

There are still many providers without documentation of the infrastructure they have. This complicates a number of processes, and makes it difficult to have a good estimate of the company's value. Whoever organizes better will certainly have an advantage. in the acquisition and merger processes that are growing in the telecommunications market at the current moment of consolidation.

But what are the other benefits of having a good network inventory?
To name a few:

  • Efficient and agile device tracking
  • Information reliability and security
  • Infrastructure performance optimization
  • Data sharing for other IT functions
  • Maintenance of performance and planning capability

OZmob: Do network inventory in the field

Perform customer network inventory with software such as OZmap, using tools such as OZmob, covers everything from basics to management with automation solutions and infrastructure performance analysis.

In addition, it is a complete tool, which manages other services and processes from the network documentation.

OZmob allows you to do network inventory in the field. In this way, it is possible to more efficiently clean up what was not documented before the software was implemented.
A situation in which using the app can help the provider would be: you have the KMZ with the cashiers, and an ERP with the customers, but you don't have information on which cashier they are connected to.
In this case, the customers would be imported, and with the location, the technician can go to the field, see the box and ask OZmob which customers are nearby. With the answer, he is able to identify and connect the client through OZmob.

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