Network Management: challenges and solutions for ISPs

When it comes to mapping and managing the FTTx network, there are still many doubts in the minds of providers. Despite the accelerated growth in the sector, the concern with ordering processes in an intelligent way takes a little slower steps.

The main challenges encountered by ISPs in the area of FTTx network mapping, and which will inevitably lead to the search for an effective solution, start when the number of customers grows.

In one day, everything is known by heart: coverage area, cable and fiber routes to reach all corners of the network, a notion of occupation, an idea of where to expand. In the other, growth occurs and problems appear. One way or another, chaos will come, and it is better to anticipate it than to find yourself in the middle of an already out of control situation.

At this point, several points present inefficiency when there is no updated mapping:

● difficulty in informing a new customer whether or not there is service;
● delay in performing failure analysis and repairs;
● attempts to install in crowded boxes, generating rework and material waste.

Nobody wants to see themselves wasting resources.
Smart management, with online network creation and control, can undermine many of these problems. In OZmap, we use mapping as a means, not the end. The real value is the ability to accelerate processes (technical and commercial), as well as reduce operating costs, qualify customer service and generate specialized indicators for the expansion of the operation. The ability to keep up to date naturally is our differential to accelerate and qualify the process of an ISP, in the most practical and intuitive way possible.

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