Learn how to use management to expand your fiber optic network project

This is the time to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to the ISP market. And to get the most out of it, you need preparation and a perspective that goes beyond. The network expansion process is challenging, but through good planning and management practices, it is possible to have positive balances and an accelerated growth of your company in an increasingly competitive scenario.

Anticipating problems is something that has already been pointed out in another article, but it is always important to remember. Taking care in the present can avoid gigantic headaches that are sure to be in the future.

The expansion scenario is mainly linked to medium and large providers, which need to be aware of two things in the first place: standardization and quality. Processes that optimize work and make your services standardized are essential. Thus, it is important to have, for example, well-structured financial management, efficient marketing strategies, and a reliable structure to support this expansion, such as good equipment and management and mapping software.

set goals

The goals are important to put everyone in tune with the company's growth objectives, and for the work of the sectors to move towards the same purposes. It's not about exacerbated pressures on the team, far from it. What should be sought is the real involvement of employees, who will work together aiming at a greater objective and being more assertive. A committed team is equivalent to a team with concrete purposes for their work.

And how will this help your network expansion project? Well, it's much easier to execute installation and growth plans when everyone is focused on helping within their respective areas.

Another important point for the expansion of the network project is the equipment

Optical fiber technology offers great advantages to the provider, such as durability and support for a wide range of devices connected at the same time. However, as much as your current network is stable and fast, when it comes to expansion it will eventually be necessary to upgrade the equipment used.
First of all, value the quality management of these products. Lower price now can cost a lot for a provider expanding ahead. Without management of what is acquired and implemented, adequate training of professionals who will be involved in the process and supervision of projects, the account does not close.

This is not the time to erode your provider's image and have customers dissatisfied with an unplanned decision in depth. Prioritize nationally certified equipment, which can offer some type of support and guarantee in the medium/long term.

invest in innovation

The difference in the expansion stage of the network project is the concern to do more for your customer, to deliver something that goes beyond the simple sale of access to the network. Standing out in the market requires thinking outside the box, and this is where innovation is needed.

Be ahead. Carry out in-depth studies on the market and competition, not only in the region where you work, but also what strategies the major providers have used in the country. Try to better understand what the demands of customers are, especially those who are not among common home users and often belong to very different segments. Do your best to offer solutions that meet your needs.

Meeting specific demands may seem complicated at first. But that's where good management comes in. Plan these actions in the medium and long term, in constant dialogue with the customer, and test the solution. In addition to gaining confidence in a segment that can be important and attract more customers, innovating on something that no one else is doing can greatly raise your provider's competitiveness level.

Developing differentiated services requires updating and vision for new trends. And by achieving this, you position yourself not only to expand your network design, but to become a benchmark in the industry.

The search for innovation also permeates all areas of the company. From looking for new ways to explore with marketing and sales, to investing in solutions that optimize the provider's internal processes. At OZmap, we believe in specialized solutions and constant updating through smart data. The intention is not just to offer good software for optical network mapping. We aim to improve the provider's processes in general.