OZmap and the Internet Service Provider M&E Process

Our market is going through a strong and accelerated consolidation process. That is, it means companies joining together in groups and groups acquiring companies. During the providers' M&A process, more than customer portfolio acquisition, these negotiations often involve the operation itself, including an ISP's most critical asset: your network.

Due to the size of these transactions and the speed with which they are occurring, it is imperative that the transition be as efficient as possible. There are difficult factors to deal with in a process of this type, such as people. But for something like network documentation, this transition should be easy and effective.

The management system in the providers' M&E process

Seeking to keep your information in a management system that is open to receiving or sending data to other systems is increasingly essential. We are in the midst of a hurricane of M&A transactions and us, while solution providers for this market, we need to be on the side to help in this operation, never get in the way.

O OZmap has an agile structure for absorb data at both ends of the process.

If the provider has OZmap and is buying a company, we import everything quickly and correctly from several other systems. And when the provider is being sold, it can assure the investor or buyer that it has a system that prepares the data effectively, and exports it wherever that data has to go.

Count on DevOZ to handle the data needed in your M&A process, whether you are on the seller or buyer side.

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