#DicasOZmap | Import errors

It is common that, when importing elements in OZmap, errors occur that make this action impossible.

However, the system informs you what type of error happened in the last column of your import table, called “status”.

This error can be reported either before clicking on import, or after.

It's like going through two authentications to identify errors (one before and one after clicking import), where this error is not always identified in the first one. In both cases, the lines that need to be changed will be in red.

If, after clicking on import, the system points out the error, the line in red will already be selected.

From the error indicated in the status column, you can change the table itself so that this wrong information is correct.

To do so, just click on the field in which the error was pointed out and choose the option that matches the one informed or enter other information, in the case of repeated codes, for example.

The most common errors are:

The data entered does not match the same as the OZmap (its spelling, for example);
Name/code of the repeated element;
Do not inform any column that is mandatory.
This type of change of information in the table itself is indicated for when there are few elements. If this error happens in bulk, the ideal thing is that you use the information from the status column and change your csv file, where you can change them all faster.

For more information about import just click here.

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