#DicasOZmap | import of poles

To import KMZ's/KML's into OZmap, you need to make changes to the tables so that their elements are imported correctly.

However, when we talk about poles, this import can be more practical.

In OZmap, the only characteristics your posts can have are: name, coordinates, type and notes. However, the coordinates are the only mandatory ones, which facilitates and makes importing them faster.

In the case of name, if they have one in KMZ or KML, it will be kept, but if not, OZmap will generate a random name; in the case of type, it will be assigned a “default” type if you do not change it in the table, which is the “common” type; and, finally, the observations will also be kept.

For that, you need to save a file with just your posts. For example in my case where data is in separate folders.

To learn how to save your data in KMZ or KML, click here.

After saving, in OZconverter, you will convert this file into 4 other files, 2 in XLS and 2 in CSV and, as in your case they are points, they will be in the “points” file.

The accepted file type for import is csv. As in this case you are only importing posts, after converting, the “points” file in csv is ready to be imported, without the need to edit the tables, as in the other elements.

In OZmap you will click on import the posts.

And finally, just select the csv file and click import.

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