OZmap in RTI Magazine

The issue's highlight shows that, as providers have been installing more and more optical fiber to bring broadband to their subscribers.

The market today offers several tools that facilitate and automate the steps of planning, documenting and monitoring the network.

A little about us in RTI magazine

Based in Florianópolis, SC, devOZ has a system for documenting and managing FTTH/GPON networks, currently marketed under the name OZmap. The platform allows complete control of all network elements, in real time.

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System details

The system was fully developed and improved based on the needs of the market itself, as it was running for a year on 1 customers in different cities. 

As a software house, we were able to adapt and improve the features to offer the best customer experience. The result is a solution that is easy to view, edit and navigate, with an optimized interface and quick design for mergers, splitters and connections. 

There are few tables and many operations that only require one action. Another feature is the mobile application for field personnel (technical and commercial), which eliminates the need for paper or outdated versions with conflicting information over the network. The system is all web and decentralized.

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