#DicasOZmap | project area

In this week's tip we will show how to update your project area.

In OZmap we use the project area to delimit only the area covered by your project.

This tool allows you to view only elements of the project you are currently working on, filtering all elements from other projects that pass through it.

A practical example would be in the case of poles. By adding them to the system, they become valid for all projects in your base.

If you decrease the area of your project to just the usage region, the visualization is better and, as a result, the actions in this project are more optimized.

This functionality is also useful when you have elements of a parent project showing up that don't play a direct role in the project, such as backbones.

To change the format of this area, just click on this icon:

A box will open asking if you want this area to be adjusted automatically, or you can change it manually.

To be able to generate an area automatically you must have at least three elements within your project, in this way the system will triangulate the area according to these elements.

You can adjust this area by clicking on the white squares and dragging.

After manually or automatically changing the area and saving, your project will look like this:

Note that the outside of the selected area will be a darker color, making it easier to see only that area you are working on.

For more information, Click here.

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