#DicasOZmap | box template

The templates are pre-established designs inside the box, it is possible to create several specific templates for each type of box on your system, this will optimize the process of creating your network, saving you some time and standardizing the elements within the box editor.

First, let's get to know a little more about the tool by accessing it on the left side menu, through the “Personalization” option and then “Box Templates”.

You will see that the system already has two default templates configured, but you can create a new one by clicking on the following option:

When clicking on a new template, a window will open with the box editor and all the options for elements that can be added inside a box in OZmap:

On this screen it will be possible to choose which elements and connections will be automatically present after the creation of the box. If, for example, I want my box to be created with an unbalanced network splitter that has a service splitter at its ends and the other is free to make the connection with the cable fiber when it is inside the box, just click on the icon to add splitters, add the desired types and then make the connection in the same way that it is done inside the boxes, as shown in the example below.

A name can be given to this template in the field located in the upper right corner of the window, and then just save.

After saving, all elements distributed within the box editor will be automatically added to your template according to the design, and you can use it directly on the map when adding boxes. Even after it is created, it is also possible to edit the information of a template, just click on the “i” icon next to the corresponding line and make the desired changes.

To create a box with a template inside, just follow the process normally and in the “Template” field select the desired option.

To establish a standard, it is possible to define a template as a default for each type of box. Therefore, every time a box of this type is created, the Template field will be filled automatically with whatever is defined. This process can be done through the “Box Types” tab, on the left side menu, then accessing the details of the type that will have its default template defined. In the “Default Template” field, you will select the name of the template used.

The template can also be used when importing your boxes, facilitating the process when designing its interior.

To use your ready-made box templates for import, just add the “template” column in the file and fill it in as required, see an example of an edited file:

If the established box type has a default template, the boxes will already be created according to this parameter.

To learn more about the import process, click here.

With the pre-defined elements in your template, it was easy, now just make the internal connections of your box!

If you want to know more about OZMap, check out the tutorials on our channel!