#DicasOZmap | How to change cashier

This tip will show you, in a very objective way, how to change a cashier customer for OZmap, OZmob and Loki. Then join the step by step:

Let's use the following image as an example:

Assuming that the customer should have been connected to the CTO – 59 instead of the CTO – 60, how to switch the cashier customer without having to delete the drop?

Just right-click on the customer and select the option 'change cashier':

Then just select the CTO - 59 and the system automatically remakes the drop path, connecting to all posts that are in the way. See how it looks in the image below:

There is also an alternative way to exchange the customer directly for their properties, this way can be used, for example, to exchange customers in condominiums. To do so, just right-click on the client, then select “element properties”, click on the options of the box in which it is connected and “change” the system will ask the user to select the new box or condominium that the client must be connected.

In case it is a box, the process is the same as explained in the example of CTO - 59, just select the element and save and the drop will be automatically redesigned connecting to all posts that are in the way, if this process is done in a client that is inside a condominium, after switching to a box the customer is automatically repositioned on the map around the box in a random way, see the step by step:

Selecting the client within the condominium:

Minimizing the edit tabs and selecting the box this client will be connected to:

Applying the changes and finalizing the cash change:

Exchange completed:

It is also possible to do this through OZmob, in case, for example, the technician arrives to do the maintenance and notices that the client has been connected to the wrong box. To do so, you must open the new box where the client will be connected, click on the “+ Free” button corresponding to the port where this client will be placed and use the “Advanced search” feature to find the client to be connected there.

The client will open and there you can change its position or drop path if necessary, by clicking on the respective buttons. However, to complete the process, just click on “Synchronize” and your changes will be saved and your customer will be changed.

The process through OZmob contemplates both situations with an address change, and consequently a box change, and just a connection to the wrong box.

When dealing with an address change, we can also do the process through Loki. First, search for the address or coordinates of the customer's new position and follow the same process as during the sale, selecting the box and the post or drop path. With this, when the sales window opens, you will have to put the customer code that will be moved in the “Code” field, select the box and check the option “Change of Address”, as in the image below:

With that, your customer will be moved to the selected location, your drop path will be redrawn and connected in the new box.

Easy right? Now just put this new knowledge into practice!

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