#DicasOZmap | Splitter type naming

OZmap has its own nomenclature for the standard types of splitters that are created in it, however one of the most frequently asked questions is how to interpret them.

Do you know what they mean?

To start, let's deal with the numbering at the beginning of the name. This part is quite intuitive, in splitter types balanced it represents the number of input ports and the number of output ports. So, for example, if the splitter type has “01/04” at the beginning of its name, that means it will have 1 input port and 4 output port.

Already in the types of splitters unbalanced, the numbers represent the amount of power that will go to each splitter output. For example, if the type starts with “60/40”, 60% of your power will go to one output and 40% to the other. It is worth remembering that the white ball always indicates the output that has the highest attenuation, so it can be interpreted that it receives 40% from the power or that it attenuates the power at 60%.

As for the letters, we can evaluate them in pairs, each of which has opposite meanings.

starting with the letters THE and R, which determine the fill color of your splitter and whether or not it can connect to the client. Therefore, the letter THE means Attendance, the fill color of your visual representation will be white and your clients can be connected in this type of splitter.

On the contrary, we have the letter R, representing the splitters of Network. This type of splitter will not allow connection to the client and its fill color will be gray.

We also have the lyrics F and Ç, referencing the type of output present in these splitters. The letter F, represents a type of splitter where its outputs have mergers, being represented on the map by dots.

already the letter Ç references the type of splitter where there are connectors in its outputs, its visual representation inside the box is of small squares.

And now, could you guess what the name of the type of the splitter below would be?

Exactly! It is a 01×16 RC type splitter.

But of course this is not mandatory, you can always change the names or create new types as per your own company documentation.

All types already created can be found in the “Splitter types” tab, and you can learn how to create new ones or edit existing ones clicking here.

You can also get more information about in-box editing at this link: Box Editor (Inside the Box)

If you want to know more about OZMap, check out the tutorials on our channel!