#DicasOZmap | Standardizing Types in OZsurvey

You already know that OZsurvey is our application for marking elements in the field, right? (if you have doubts about how to use it click here). But did you know that you can configure the same element types in OZmap and OZsurvey to make importing easier?

When logging into OZsurvey for the first time, some elements are already pre-configured for you, however these elements may not have the same name as the types of elements you use in OZmap, which makes you need to edit the .csv file manually before import it. Therefore, we recommend creating the types of elements for a faster and more practical import.

You can standardize any element of the system, but let's take the boxes as an example.

As shown above, these are the boxes used in OZmap for our example. Opening the side menu in OZsurvey, we notice that the pre-defined configurations have the following types, so it is necessary to click on the “add” button to proceed with the configurations.

Comparing with the types used in the OZmap example, the CEO type is missing, so by clicking on the “add” button, located at the end of the list of elements, it is possible to enter the name and even a description or image to differentiate the icons on OZsurvey.

Here's how it looks after adding the missing type:

Also note that used boxes are now in quick access. To add or remove them from it, just activate the option in the side menu.

Now, when importing the .csv file taken from your OZsurvey, all type information will already be filled in correctly. 

Ready! Now in addition to having the types configured according to OZmap, your OZsurvey is well organized to start tagging elements properly.

If you want to know more about OZMap, check out the tutorials on our channel!