Does your ISP consume all your time? Learn to plan.

Planning is the safe creation of a path to an institution's goals and objectives. The entrepreneur who plans has a force that opposes the natural organizational entropy, thus prolonging his company's permanence in the market as much as possible.

By carrying out a planning, even if simplified, the chances of achieving the goal are much more effective. Without planning, it is not possible to measure at the end of a semester or at the end of the year, which goals were achieved, neglected and it is even noticeable that many goals did not even leave the paper. Many good ideas are always at the mercy of materializing and bringing good results just because they are not outlined with a beginning, middle and end. The idea is lost in the air together making it unfeasible.

What many imagine is that planning can only be carried out in the head and that this is enough to achieve their goals and objectives. It may even be possible, but it happens that if the objectives are well planned, and properly, you can carry out an action plan and the following can happen:

1 - Get results much faster

2 - Eliminates unnecessary stress

3 - Helps with time organization and focus

4 - Speed up processes

5 - Reduce operating costs

6 - Generate indicators for smart growth

Planning for ISPs

We took the six planning topics for internet providers above the experience of our own customers, who after implementing the OZmap software were able to organize themselves. But for this to happen within the professional environment, whether as an employee, self-employed, entrepreneur, manager, leader or entrepreneur in some way and you want to achieve a goal quickly and efficiently, the best resource is to use planning. Thus, in order to carry out a good planning, it is necessary to detach some time from the daily routine. So you get more clarity and vision for decision making, providing extraordinary results, so that this time spent becomes a highly profitable and low cost investment to make. Don't let time pass and your dream and goals get in the way.

I am achieving what I want, I have a schedule and I fulfill my daily tasks. So I plan?

Not exactly. Planning is much more than that.

What is planning?

Planning is the act of establishing the current state, defining the objective and goal, carrying out an analysis of the current situation and its influencers, drawing up an action plan, making the necessary checks and adjustments and continuing the cycle.

After outlining the strategy, with more clarity, after analyzing the environment, it is easier to make decisions and define the directions that must be taken, expanding the business vision and enabling more success.

How to plan?

If you already have practice with planning, I'm very happy to be ahead. Now, if you don't usually plan and would like some simple steps to get started:

What is my business?

How does it position itself in the market today?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

And what opportunities and threats does the scenario present?

What technologies do I use in my business?

What technologies should I invest in?

Which professionals are within the organizational profile?

What internal changes must take place to leverage my business?

What should my business look like 2, 3 or 5 years from now?

It is important to keep in mind that planning is not an identity card: one for life. It needs to be revised, it needs to be phoenix. Make it born again, if necessary. Planning is more about sensitivity to change. And today a company that doesn't change, becomes a tombstone. Count on OZmap to help your company keep constantly updated, get in touch and talk to one of our experts.