By this Privacy Policy, in the best form of the Law, the DEVELOPMENT ONE ZERO LTDA-ME, a legal entity governed by private law, holder of the rights of OZmap, registered with the CNPJ under No.: 16.812.988/0001-23, headquartered at Rua Idalina Pereira dos Santos, No. 103, Bairro Agroómica, Florianópolis/SC, CEP 88.025-260, hereinafter referred to simply as "OZmap”, stipulates and demonstrates its Data and Information Privacy Policy of the Software acquired by the “CONTRACTOR” or “CUSTOMER”.


  • OZmap is a Fiber Optic Network Documentation and Management Software for Providers;
  • From the signing of the Term of Acceptance and Contract ("TAC"), the CONTRACTOR and its Users adhere to this Privacy Policy, assuming that it has been properly read, understood and adhered to by CONTRACTOR from then on;
  • Users: are those who, linked to the CONTRACTOR, use the Platform OZmap, due to the present contract.

  1. What information do we collect?
  1. O When using the Software made available owned by DEVELOPMENT ONE ZERO LTDA-ME, we collect some important information so that we can provide an adequate service to you. CONTRACTOR and its employees (Users), as well as to guarantee the security and good use of the functionality.
    1. THE OZmap collects the following data Users: Name, Username and password, e-mail and telephone.
    1. THE OZmap, even though it may have access to customer data of the CONTRACTOR, does not collect and does not process any data from End Users who are customers of CONTRACTOR.
    1. THE OZmap may have access to the company's business data. CONTRACTOR, as well as payment data for the functionality.
    1. THE OZmap uses the data received EXCLUSIVELY to carry out the provision of services contracted, without carrying out enrichment, sale, or any other act other than that exposed in this Privacy Policy.
  2. communication and security
    1. THE CONTRACTOR and its Users are committed to the veracity of the information provided, being responsible in case of illegality committed by providing false and/or unauthorized information.
    1. THE OZmap may use the data collected to improve security and improve services and offers aimed at CONTRACTOR and its Users. In this way, we can analyze and solve technical problems, as well as identify and prevent fraud in the use of our Service.
    1. THE OZmap uses its best efforts to respect and protect data and personal information against loss, theft or any form of misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.
    1. The service and support channel can be carried out through the support sector via email
    1. THE OZmap is not responsible, even subsidiarily, for the misuse of the Platform by the CONTRACTOR and its Users or former Users, as well as the actions performed by them.
    1. In the event of termination of a Collaborator in relation to the CONTRACTOR, it is its responsibility to deactivate the User on the platform, and there must be communication to the Support of OZmap.
    1. THE OZmap is not responsible for any leakage, disclosure or mishandling of data that was not under its responsibility.
  3. Privacy Policy Update
    1. THE OZmap always seeks to improve its software to ensure the best service and protection of the platform, while, eventually, this Privacy Policy may be unilaterally updated or amended by OZmap.
    1. Said changes/updates will always be communicated to the CONTRACTOR and its Users, who will always be guaranteed the option to cancel the contract, at any time, if they disagree with the new terms and policies.
    1. Any changes to this Policy will take effect after 01 (one) day of communication.
  4. Conflict resolution
    1. The Parties elect the jurisdiction of the District of Florianópolis/SC, expressly waiving any other, however privileged it may be, and the rules set forth in the Brazilian Civil Code and other laws of the Country.
    1. Judicial requests for records and information will be processed under the terms of Law No. 12,965/2014 and Law No. 13,709/2018.
  5. Validity of the Privacy Policy
    1. Software's Privacy Policy OZmap takes effect from the moment the CONTRACTOR agree with "TERM OF ACCEPTANCE AND CONTRACT OF USE OF SOFTWARE".
    1. The term of this Privacy Policy will be for an indefinite period, in force for the duration of the contractual relationship between the parties and the duties arising therefrom.
  6. general provisions
    1. THE CONTRACTOR and its Users declare that they agree and undertake to comply with the guidelines and provisions established in this Privacy Policy of OZmap.
    1. The Parties acknowledge and declare that there is no employment, associative or corporate relationship between them, their employees, agents or service providers, directly or indirectly involved in achieving their purpose, so that any agreement, misuse, misuse of information by Users within the platform does not concern the OZmap, being the full responsibility and relationship of the CONTRACTOR and its Users.