Extended Gallery

With the use of the posts feature, the amount of system storage has become an important factor to be able to store all the desired photos. Therefore, it is very important to know your storage capacity according to your machine.

On-premises customers

For on-premises customers, the amount of OZmap storage is directly linked to the storage capacity of your own machine. Internal check is required to verify available space.

Cloud Customers

For Cloud customers, space is limited and depends directly on your OZmap plan. The following is the storage ratio according to the plan:

Plans and Storage

  • Basic – Initial 0.5 GB
  • Basic – Intermediate 1.0 GB
  • Basic – Pro 2.0 GB
  • Corporate – 5.0 GB

You can see how much storage is being used through the System Settings.

For more storage space, contact our experts via the website, phone or support chat.