Regional providers reach the position of largest group in fixed broadband

The end of 2019 confirmed what was already showing a trend in the ISP market: the rise of ISPs as the fastest growing segment in the sector. According to Anatel data released this week, in December 2019, companies in this profile closed with 9.88 million customers in total, surpassing Claro, which until then remained in the lead, but closed December with 9.6 million subscribers. Individually, the brand remains number one in the market, but even so, the ISPs' achievement is impressive and demonstrates the strength that the segment has garnered.

The vast majority of subscriber disconnections in 2019 took place at large operators, which together lost 217,000 users. This data also shows how the possibilities are open for ISPs.

The higher the quality of services offered and the better the implementation of the fiber network, the greater the chance of attracting these customers and maintaining growth in 2020.

For this, it is essential to plan and prepare to keep up with all the demands that your provider will have going forward. In addition to studying the market and identifying gaps in the competition, it is necessary to look at your network and identify what can be optimized. We believe that investing in an intelligent management system and documenting the network in detail from the beginning helps to offer quality and stability to customers. More than that, to ensure the company's permanence in an increasingly competitive market.

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