OZmap Tips – Interpreting the Dashboard

#DicasOZmap | Interpreting the Dashboard If you've ever had trouble understanding the information on the dashboard graphs, this tip was made especially for you! As we will be working with the interpretation of the dashboard, we suggest that you already know the rest of its tools better, so if you do not yet have mastery of the subject, just click […]

OZmap Tips – Import with Images

#DicasOZmap | Importing with images Importing is the process that allows you to bring your externally documented elements into OZmap, replicating their attributes, but did you know that images can also accompany the elements in this import? Within our system, images are created and stored through a resource we call […]

OZmap Tips – OZmob vs. OZsurvey: Which one to use?

#DicasOZmap | OZmob vs. OZsurvey: Which one to use? We currently offer two applications to help you control and document your network from your cell phone: OZmob and OZsurvey. At first, they seem similar, but in fact, they each have different functions and purposes. Today we will show you which app best suits your […]

OZmap Tips – Import Posts

#DicasOZmap | Importing posts To import KMZ's/KML's into OZmap, you need to make changes to the tables so that their elements are imported correctly. However, when we talk about poles, this import can be more practical. In OZmap, the only characteristics your posts can have are: name, coordinates, type and notes. However, the coordinates […]

OZmap Tips – Import Errors

#DicasOZmap | Import errors It is common that, when importing elements in OZmap, errors occur that make this action impossible. However, the system informs you what type of error happened in the last column of your import table, called “status”. This error can be reported either before clicking on import, or after. It is like […]

OZmap Tips – TAGs

#DicasOZmap | TAGs Within the project, tags are intended to function as a free category, that is, a characteristic that can be present within several elements, and can receive any type of information. On the left side menu there is the option of TAGs. There you can create, delete, see the list of elements that […]

OZmap Tips – Technical Reserve

#DicasOZmap | Technical Reserve The technical reserve is a widely used item in fiber optic networks, but do you know how to document it in OZmap? This tip will teach you how to work with it within our system. To start, we need to add this attribute to the map and for that you can go through different methods. THE […]