TelebraSAT satellite service for providers

The SGDC (Geostationary Satellite for Defense and Strategic Communication) from Telebras now has a new service – in addition to providing communication for the military and broadband for schools and health posts. It will also be used for internet providers to have another alternative for offering connections in more remote locations, where terrestrial networks are not economically viable.

According to the commercial director of the state-owned company, Hélcio Vieira, TelebrasSAT, which was launched at Abrint 2019, is the marketing of satellite capacity for small internet providers. “Telebras cannot offer broadband service to the final consumer, but it acts almost as a market price regulator, because, where it is present, prices fall”, says Vieira.

Although he does not say what prices will be charged to providers, since according to him, they vary according to the volume of links contracted, Vieira explains that the company's product has two important differentials: it offers the same capacity of 20 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload throughout the Brazilian territory, and the level of security is above average, since one of its control centers is Tier 4 and the other Tier 3. The packages offered to providers include deductibles of 20, 50 and 100 GBps.

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