Neutral Telecommunications Infrastructure Networks: advantages and challenges

The neutral network has been in evidence in the telecom market for some time now. It is the sharing of infrastructure between several providers or operators, usually in optical fiber. Infrastructure sharing itself is not new to the market, but with neutral networks what is shared is the network segment that reaches the user. This allows optimizing investments and increasing the competitiveness of telecom services in the country, as internet providers can rent the capacity of this network and cover entire cities without the need to invest with their own network.

Advantages of neutral networks

But what are the biggest benefits of using neutral networks?

  • Optimization of resources for operators and the owner of the infrastructure,
  • Greater ease and agility in expanding fiber optic networks across the country;
  • And the application of neutral networks also solves issues such as the occupation of poles, a problem that is increasingly worsening with the growth of networks in Brazil.

The challenges of neutral networks

The degree of competition between telecom operators will certainly increase, with the burdens and bonuses that this generates. Competitive operators will face new and greater challenges to continue to grow, in a market with new players with great investment capacity and prospects for long-term returns. 

Its strategies necessarily go through consolidations, capitalization, investment sharing, service differentials and excellence in management and governance, to meet a market with high demand potential but increasingly demanding.

One of the biggest challenges in building, designing and managing a neutral network model is finding the right partnerships. The ISP market is becoming more and more professional, and we at OZmap are prepared to serve your provider and unite in this regard. Our tool has the structure and potential ability to work with the demands that neutral networks bring, and we remain in constant evolution with the telecommunications market.

Currently we already have the possibility of port reservation in shared networks, if you are interested in knowing more, we are at your disposal.

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