The importance of network documentation in times of crisis

There have been many uncertainties at the moment, not only within the provider market, but in the economy and in the daily life of each one. At the same time that the demand for quality internet increases and agreements are signed to guarantee the population's access, providers and technicians are faced with new concerns: increase in default, health risks, infrastructure capacity to deal with the increase in accesses.

Exercising constant planning is critical now.

Being in touch with your team on a daily basis to decide next steps is a part of that. There are several tips on how to best adopt the home office, including maintaining routines and intensifying communication between employees.

But also using up-to-date online tools that help manage the network are of equal importance to the internet provider at this time.
This is the time to minimize problems.

With detailed network documentation, you can:

  • Have more agility in identifying problems and communicating customers, including being able to save the face-to-face service of your technical employees with calls that can be resolved remotely.
  • In case of a change of manpower or restructuring of the team, have everything organized and detailed for the next person who will handle the network projects, without needing very long periods of training.
  • Optimize the home office, after all the information about the network will be available in the tool for everyone to see, eliminating the complete dependence on one or another person who has the knowledge about it.

Our mission at OZmap is to provide the most efficient and intuitive way to map and manage your optical network. But more than that, we believe in cooperation and commitment as fundamental to building bonds and support during a crisis like this. We continue to dialogue and offer support to our customers, and together it is possible to overcome this moment in the best way.

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