#DicasOZmap | adjacencies

Adjacencies can be a strong ally for those who have poles documented in their system, but do you know what functions they are present in and how to use them?

Adjacencies are the possible paths between poles that a cable can follow, so they become a way of teaching your system which paths a cable will be created on.

As a practical example, we can think of the example of trying to connect this POP to the CTO - 4 . At first, when trying to pass a cable by clicking on the POP and on the box, we imagine that it will follow the following path, considering that it is the shortest possible physical distance traveled between the posts:

However, when trying to generate the cable, it follows the following route:

Do you know why this happens?

Exactly! The system will create the cable this way because of the adjacencies.

As you can see, there is nothing indicating that the space between these poles can be used, therefore, it will look for a new path to be used, always opting for the option that results in a cable with the smallest length.

By adding a path between these posts as shown above, the cable will be created in the desired path.

In a system without poles, if no other point is clicked, the cable will be created in a straight line between the POP and the box, like this:

This information also applies when creating clients through Loki, where, if viability is done by poles, the drop will follow the shortest path between them to the selected box.

Now that we understand better what adjacencies are and how they work, let's learn how to work with them, thus optimizing our operations.

To view and edit them, you can access the Map Tools on the left side menu and select “Edit adjacencies”. Once this is done, the paths created or not by the system will be shown.

There are two different adjacency colors in OZmap: gray and black. The gray adjacencies represent paths where there are already cables passing through there, in this way, they are not changeable as they will follow the path of the cable.


The black adjacencies are the possible paths for the cables, you can manipulate them, edit them and generate new paths. It will be through these routes that the cable will be passed when trying to connect two elements linked to poles.

In case adjacencies are positioned incorrectly, it is possible to remove them by clicking on them or by selecting the Alt key on the keyboard, in this way a red circle will appear around your cursor and you will have to move it over both posts that this adjacency interconnects.

To add an adjacency between two posts, just hold the Ctrl key, your cursor will be with a green circle, and then you must pass it between the posts you want to connect, in the same way as it is done to remove them.

To learn more about creating adjacencies, Click here.

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