#DicasOZmap | OZmob vs. OZsurvey: Which one to use?

We currently offer two applications to help you control and document your network from your cell phone: OZmob and OZsurvey. At first, they look similar, but in fact, they each have different functions and purposes.

Today we will show you which application best meets your need in each situation!


Starting with OZmob, the OZmap extension on your cell phone, with it you can visualize all the elements of your network, draw diagrams, check internal connections and even make small changes, such as adding clients, deploying boxes, among others.

As it has a direct link with OZmap, it is necessary that the login is done with your previously used URL and user, from that point onwards, all edits made by OZmob will be automatically updated in your OZmap. This connection also makes it necessary to connect the device to the internet, if it is not connected, it will not be possible to make changes to your network.

Despite this, it is possible to use your OZmob without internet for more specific functions, such as viewing the position of elements. To do this, you must still log in to an internet-enabled environment, leave your database updated and move your map around the region you want to view, so it will be rendered, cached and be viewed offline.

However, it is important to note that the application must remain open or in the background after logging in and loading the information, otherwise you may end up logged out and without access to it.

By following these instructions, you will be able to broaden the use of your app, reading the details of your devices and finding their location more easily even offline.

For more information on using OZmob, Click here.


OZsurvey, on the other hand, is the ideal application for, while you are in the field, surveying poles, cables, clients, boxes and other points in general, and it is even possible to customize the elements that you will add. It does not require internet to work, so you can activate your GPS, move around your region and mark new items to go by, however, if the map has not been rendered previously (in an environment with an internet connection), your view will not load, so we recommend opening the map and moving it around the entire region that will be lifted.

Unlike OZmob, this application is free to use and has no direct link to OZmap, so OZsurvey stores the documented data locally, and it is necessary to export this information to a CSV table after finishing the survey and importing it into OZmap. You can check here how to do this data transfer.

For more information about OZsurvey, Click here.

From this, we were able to assess the particularities of each application:

So, which one are we going to use today?

If you want to know more about OZmob, watch the video on the side