#DicasOZmap | QRcode

The QR code tool is relatively new to OZmap and can make the provider's work much easier with its practicality. Shall we get to know her a little better?

Being a way to find boxes more easily, the QR code only relates to this type of element.

It is an image similar to a barcode, which can be generated by OZmap and scanned by mobile using our OZmob application. Once OZmob does the reading, it will redirect you to its respective box, showing all its internal part.

This tool can be put to good use in many ways. One of the examples of use that we can give is the printing of these codes so that they can be pasted on the boxes. So, when a technician needs to make physical changes to the box, he can document them on the spot, reading the code with OZmob, which will automatically open the inside of the box, and changing whatever is necessary in the system.

But how can I generate this QR code?

The answer is quite simple: Just access your box, select the button called “QRcode” and choose whether you want to export this image in PDF or PNG.

You can also do a batch export of these images. For this, it is necessary to generate an area report (to learn how to generate it, click here) and go to the boxes tab. There you will select all the boxes that you want to obtain the QR code, select the “Export” button, then the “QR code” option and choose the file format.

And now that we have QR codes, it's important to learn how to read them.

To do this, just access your OZmob and click on the icon shown in the image below.

With that, your camera will open and just point it at the QR code, aligning the code with the square that appears on your phone. When the reading is successful, it will automatically open the box in which this code belongs, showing you all the inside.

If you want to know more about OZMap, check out the tutorials on our channel!