#DicasOZmap | tags

Within the project, the tags are intended to function as a free category, that is, a feature that can be present within several elements, and can receive any type of information.

On the left side menu there is the option of TAGs. There you can create, delete, see the list of elements that have it added and see the groups in which it can be used.

To create a new tag, simply click on “new tag” at the bottom of the screen, add a name and select which elements it can be applied to.

We can have as an application example, a signaling TAG in boxes that have changes to be made.

To use it, you need to open the element in which the TAG will be added. When entering the information in the box, just go to the “Tags” field, select the one you want to add in the box and then click save. The same element can receive multiple tags.

You can also add tags to multiple boxes at the same time, generating a report. There, you must go to the element tab in question and select the elements that this tag will be added to. After that, you click on “change”, choose “add tags” as an attribute. Don't forget to save when finished.

One of the applications of tags within OZmap is in the filter tool, where it is possible to filter the view on the map to show only elements that have this TAG registered. For more information click here.

As in these examples, tags can be great allies to optimize your work and organize your project even more, helping to separate items and even contributing when assigning tasks. So what did you think?

If you want to know more about tags, watch the video on the side