Tax and legal planning for internet providers

The tax and legal planning of providers must pass through hands with market experience. The success of tax planning, in addition to requiring experience, requires focus and knowledge of all the steps to be taken in the future, keeping the path of business success safe, profitable and competitive. Whether medium-sized companies or publicly traded companies, multinationals, leaders in different sectors, there are four fronts that have proved to be valuable:


Corporate Finance


Tax Planning

Establishing a path to be followed with all the problems on the horizon is beyond the “way” often used by new companies, which at first generate instant savings but quickly make any entrepreneur sleepless. THE Prosper Capital establishes, in addition to the four essential fronts, three work stages that apply equally to medium-sized entrepreneurs to the largest and best business groups and, within these stages, the characteristics of each company are created:

1 - Identification of the real need.

2 - Implementation of unique and appropriate solutions for each case.

3 - Establishment of an action plan with specific alternatives to the company's knowledge and experience.

Tax and legal planning for providers

In the Telecom and Internet sector, the tax challenges are enormous due to the complexity and high burden, so it is necessary to analyze the reality of the company, whether it fits in the Supersimples or not. In the negative case, there is an increase in the weight of ICMS, ISS, INSS, Fust, Funtel and federal taxes. And another big problem is the misunderstanding of the tax authorities. Even companies of identical size need specific solutions, as similar business structures generate very different taxation and results. Tax variations between sectors are visible and small changes can save a business. 

With the best methods, the Prosper Capital aims to implement a unique business structure for each company, without forgetting the general plan in which it is located. This is the only way to achieve the best possible results. Using its expertise, the Prosper Capital aims at the transparency and security of its customers, who may legally have an average global tax rate between 14% and 17%. The appropriate corporate and operational structure will make the business safer, more profitable and competitive, generating its own cash for investments that will increase its value. And the company is still ready to grow, whether by receiving contributions of funds or incorporating other players in the sector.

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